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By urbanrewild | October 13, 2022

Some nice news to have received last week ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

Hi everyone my name is Sharlene Cohen and I have a start-up business called Urban Rewild.

I recently applied for a scholarship under the Regenerate Regional Leadership program โ€“ Eurobodalla, and in the last few weeks, I have been formally accepted into this fully funded 18-month program.

Regenerate Eurobodallaโ€™s goal is to build community resilience through leadership.

The program is delivered by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, and our very own local organization South coast health & Sustainability Alliance (SHASA), which I hope many of you are already aware of, and it is funded by the Australian Government in response to the 2019-2020 bushfires.

The purpose of the scholarship is to Grow my own personal leadership capabilities to operate in complex times and to bring wise and effective action for a shared purpose. To become a leader with the courage of an open mind, open heart, and open will.

Why did I apply for this scholarship? I havenโ€™t shared the story a lot to a lot of people about my personal pain after the bushfires of 2019/2020. In short, I suffered ecological grief; I didn’t even know what that was. I couldnโ€™t stop crying, I had days I couldn’t get out of bed, and my body shut down on me overnight, and I got really sick. I went from an active person to a person that woke up with constant pain; my body was screaming at me “LISTEN to your heart.”

But from that journey, I re-discovered myself, and I found my life purpose that our Nature truly matters to every living thing. We are truly one. And this is when Urban Rewild was created, and I have since become a Nature Based Therapist.

I know we are really a tough shire at the Eurobodalla. We saw that, but the pain still lives with many of us every day. If I can help others not feel the pain, and feel stronger and more resilient than I did when we face another devasting weather event, I have achieved my goal.

So, I want to explore what change we can implement in our shire to build a resilient and sustainable community for our youth and our young families as they are our future. Change doesnโ€™t happen overnight, but together we truly can make a difference. That is what I am hoping to get from this scholarship.

If anybody has any brilliant ideas on how we can build a resilient and sustainable shire for our youth and families, pop a comment in the post or send me a PM. I would love to include your ideas in my project under the scholarship.

I am extremely grateful for this honor and opportunity, and once again, I want to thank the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, SHASA, and the Australian Government.

Super excited, and I am Looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

Southcoast Health & Sustainability Alliance


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